SmartVektor technology Overview

During the recording process, a high-quality media file is created (represented in the circle as 100% of original). As this media moves through subsequent stages, a spiraling plunge in sound quality occurs. By the time audio reaches the end listener, more than 90% of the original sound fidelity is lost, resulting in flat, lifeless sound, listener fatigue, and even potential hearing damage.

SmartVektor technology overview

digiZoid® SmartVektor™ technology addresses the cause of quality loss at each stage in the progression, by counteracting the negative effects of digital processing and compression, as well as compensating for speaker limitations, and the inefficiencies of the human auditory system. SmartVektor returns substance and fidelity to digital media (using only analog signal conditioning techniques), virtually restoring audio to its original state, while delivering balanced sound to protect the listener's hearing.

The Spiraling Plunge in Sound Quality

Processing Losses

Production Losses


During production, audio tracks are subjected to something called dynamic range compression (DRC). This process increases the track's overall loudness to make it stand out among other tracks, and enables louder playback on media devices and small speakers.

Dynamic range represents the difference between the loudest and softest sounds in a track. Having a high dynamic range allows for a crisper, more emotional reproduction of sound. DRC makes low volume sounds louder, and high volume sounds softer, forcing all the loud and soft signals into a smaller range of volume. However, excessive use of DRC can induce clipping, which not only distorts the track significantly, but the resulting sound is fatiguing, harsh, and characterless.

SmartVektor: Dynamic Range Expansion

SmartVektor technology counteracts DRC by re-expanding the dynamic range, providing a greater difference between the softest and loudest sounds in the track. This restoration creates more breathing room (or acoustic variation), and gives power and texture back to the audio.

With SmartVektor
With SmartVektor

Distribution Losses


Digital compression shrinks the size of a file by eliminating parts of the music track thought to be inaudible. But, this imperfect process also eliminates some of the desired audible sound, leaving it without vibrance and dimensionality.

SmartVektor: Frequency Unmasking

SmartVektor offsets this process by "filling in" the lost sounds and making them more pronounced, which is accomplished by delaying select sounds in time. The result increases the level of detail heard, and imparts a natural sense of dimensionality by enhancing soundstaging.

Without SmartVektor
With SmartVektor
With SmartVektor

Playback Losses

Reproduction Losses


Speakers, especially smaller ones found in headphones and mobile devices, have difficultly reproducing bass and treble from inherent physical limitations. Therefore, low- and high-frequency sound comes through muddied or not at all.

SmartVektor: Speaker Efficiency Optimization

SmartVektor increases the efficiency of a speaker by extending the range of sounds it can reproduce, and precisely controlling power delivery to the speaker to prevent distortion. This provides distinct, profound bass, along with pure crystalline highs.

With SmartVektor
With SmartVektor

Perception Losses


Media player listeners often find themselves raising the volume level in an attempt to get improved audio. This phenomena is directly related to the human ear's ability to perceive sound. At lower volumes, the ear is most sensitive to midrange sounds, and less sensitive to bass and treble sounds. But, as volume level is increased, the sensitivity towards bass and treble slightly increases, making it more audible. However, the midrange sounds are also raised, which overwhelms the ear, and results in potential hearing damage.

SmartVektor: Auditory Optimization

SmartVektor technology equalizes the ear's insensitivity to bass and treble sounds by augmenting these ranges. Therefore, bass, midrange, and treble is better balanced, and the listener benefit is more sound at less volume.

Without SmartVektor
With SmartVektor
With SmartVektor